Agriculture and irrigation agencies are in need of more dependable and cost effective solutions to conserve their most valuable resource, water. Many are enclosing ditches and canals with pipe conveyance systems in remote areas of the country. These projects can be challenging to any engineer or project manager, especially when hydraulic parameters require larger diameter pipe sizes - we have a suite of solutions that can help.

DuroMaxx for Irrigation

Made with HDB pressure rated resins, DuroMaxx provides superior corrosion resistance. Watertight joints, rated at 15 psi, exceed industry standard testing (ASTM D3212). Installation cost advantages are important for remote locations. Versatile fabrication supports unique fittings and components. Excels in short and long-term cost analysis for irrigation applications.

A-2000 for Irrigation

When compared to other thermoplastic pipes on the market, A-2000 stands up to the test. In fact, it comes out on top. With 15 psi-rated joints it can be utilized in low pressure head water conveyance pipelines.