Inlet and Outfall Protection

Inlet and Outfall Protection

Our stormwater treatment systems, debris cages and erosion control products offer you mulitple choices for protecting both the inlet and outfalls of your storm drainage systems. Water flowing into storm sewer systems can carry pollutants such as trash, sediment, and oil. Installation of treatment systems both at the inlet or the outlet of your drainage system can improve water quality and meet local requirements. The potential for erosion is great as water discharges from a drainage system. A structure to dissipate both the velocity and the energy of the concentrated storm flows and to protect the downstream channel from scour is important to the protection of water quality in receiving waters.

Filtration for Removing Pollutants Prior to Discharge

Media filtration systems - like our StormFilter, Jellyfish Filter, and MFS systems are able to remove the most challenging pollutants from stormwater, including total phosphorus, soluble metals, oil, and very fine particles (down to 15 microns). Available in a variety of configurations (vault, manhole, catch basin, high flow and volume), these systems can be engineered to treat a wide range of flows within your drainage system and capture pollutants prior to discharge off-site.

Hydrodynamic Separators for Inlet and Outlet Pollution Control

Keep trash and debris out of your lakes, streams and oceans by installing one of our hydrodynamic separators at the inlet or outlet of your drainage system.  Our systems - which include the CDS,  Vortechs, and VortSentry HS - are most effective on sediments, trash and debris, and oil and grease.

StormRax for Storm Sewer Outfall Protection

Our HDPE StormRax can be installed wherever your storm drainage system discharges to trap trash and debris, and prevent these pollutants from entering a water body. Structural plastic racks are a great alternative to painted and galvanized steel racks for use in stormwater management ponds and general water screening.

ArmorFlex and ArmorLoc for Outfall Protection

The unique shape and interlocking design of ArmorFlex cabled systems and ArmorLoc hand placed systems provide permanent erosion protection at culvert outfall locations. Unlike dumped stone, which typically requires maintenance and replenishment after periodic events, ArmorFlex and ArmorLoc systems are permanent solutions that dramatically reduce life-cycle costs.