Haul Roads, Tank Trails and Heavy Equipment Paths

Haul Roads, Tank Trails and Heavy Equipment Paths

The load of tanks and other heavy equipment is significantly higher than typical traffic loads, and therefore special consideration must be taken when constructing. We offer a wide variety of products that make construction easier, including soil stabilization, concrete pads, bridges and drainage solutions.

Precast Bridges for Heavy Loading Applications

CON/SPAN O-Series, B-Series and BEBO structures can easily accommodate Heavy Equipment Transport (HET) loading and maintenance requirements and set-in-place installation makes them a great solution for stream crossings.

ArmorFlex and ArmorLoc for Heavy Loading Applications

ArmorFlex and ArmorLoc provide a speedy and more flexible alternative to a traditional concrete pad and can be used for tank / heavy equipment turning pad.

DuroMaxx for Haul Roads

DuroMaxx's steel-reinforced ribs provide durability and can support loads for culvert crossings, storm drains and other drainage needs.