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Water/Wastewater Projects
*New* Design Your Own Hydrodynamic Separator Tool  Read More


*New* Stormwater Design Tool
Contech is pleased to announce the release of our newest stormwater design tool – the Design Your Own Hydrodynamic Separator (DYOHDS) tool. DYOHDS™ is an exclusive online design tool to help you quickly prepare designs for estimates/project meetings and be more efficient with your time. Just input your design criteria, and the DYOHDS will select the appropriate HDS unit(s) for your site.

Nestable Corrugated Steel Pipe Encases Utilities  Read More

South Access Road

South Access Road Conveyance Crossing
Round Mountain, Nevada - As part of an expansion effort at Round Mountain, a haul road was needed to construct a new tailings impoundment. At multiple locations, the route crossed over existing steel and HDPE pipelines, which required a bridge or casing to provide a layer of protection from heavy loads and allow easy access to the pipes in case of repair or replacement. Round Mountain selected Nestable Corrugated Steel Pipe to encase the utilities. This solution maintained operation of the service lines, avoided disturbance of the clay liner and was cost-effective.

DuroMaxx Relined Existing Structure for NMDOT  Read More

NMDOT Otero County Reline

NMDOT Otero County Reline
Alamogordo, New Mexico - Near the busy Main Gate of the Holloman Air Force Base, the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) determined that a 19 barrel, concrete box culvert (CBC) drainage structure was structurally deficient and in need of replacement. In order to avoid the expense of shutting down US-70, the NMDOT chose to install DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) liner pipe to reline the existing structure. The cost-effective rehabilitation solution included eighteen 5’ x 5’ culverts and one culvert box by 7’2” x 8’7”. 

Terre Arch and Vortechs Solve Stormwater Management Challenges  Read More

Cobleskill Medical Office Building

Cobleskill Medical Office Building
Cobleskill, New York - A redevelopment project for a medical clinic office building required a new stormwater management solution. During the design phase, three major challenges needed to be addressed. First, space at the site was very limited, so an underground solution was needed. Second, the site had shallow limestone bedrock, limiting the available depth of an underground system. Third, the project had to meet the redevelopment water quantity and quality requirements per the NYS DEC. To meet these challenges a Terre Arch™ underground detention system and a Vortechs® hydrodynamic separator were selected as the best solutions. 

HEL-COR and MULTI-PLATE Improve Highway Safety for Pedestrians  Read More

Glenn Highway

Glennallen Glenn Highway MP 172-189
Glennallen, Alaska - In order to improve the safety and enhance travel and recreational opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists, the Alaska Department of Transportation (AK DOT), needed to rehabilitate Glenn Highway. The project required the replacement of several existing culverts that ran under the roadway as well as resurfacing and replacement of the road above. After receiving several bids, AK DOT selected a proposal which included a 96" MULTI-PLATE® structural plate, 155' in length, to replace the existing twin-culverts that ran 100 linear feet under the road and another round pipe culvert. They also utilized 1,855 linear feet of galvanized HEL-COR® corrugated metal pipe (CMP) to replace several nearby storm drains along the project’s seventeen mile stretch of highway. 

Pedestrian Continental Completes Rails to Trails Project  Read More

Pennyrile Rails to Trails

Pennyrile Rails-to-Trails
Hopkinsville, Kentucky - After years of planning and fundraising, an old railroad line was converted into a public walking trail in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Along the trail, a pedestrian bridge was needed to cross the roadway below. As the solution, a 12’ x 130’ Keystone®-style Continental® truss bridge was selected for its aesthetic appearance and budget-friendly cost.

BridgeCor Provides Tunnel Solution at Mine  Read More

State Highway 473

State Highway 473 - Stewart Slope Road
Lead, South Dakota - Located in the Black Hills, Wharf Resources Inc. (WRI) has been successfully operating the Wharf open-pit gold mine and heap-leach operation. When WRI wanted access to a site located nearby, a tunnel solution was needed underneath State Highway 473 near Stewart Slope Road. After State Highway 473 was realigned, twin, round 43’ x 98.69’ BridgeCor® Structural Plate structures were installed for their ability to accommodate CAT 777 haul trucks.

Continental Connects Trail System Over I-196  Read More

Adams Street Over I-196

Adams Street Over I-196
Holland Charter Township, Michigan - While Holland Charter Township’s trail system covers portions of the Township on either side of I-196, connectivity between the two sides was limited. A plan was developed to connect the non-motorized pathway network utilizing a 236’ x 14’ Gateway®-style Continental® truss bridge. In order to address Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) concerns that citizens might throw objects off the bridge into the traffic below, a cage was designed to envelop the bridge and deter unlawful behavior. 

U.S. Bridge Provides Emergency Replacement After Tropical Storm Irene  Read More

Spillway Road over Mad River

Spillway Road over Mad River
Moretown, Vermont - In August 2011, Tropical Storm Irene pummeled Vermont’s mountainous terrain with heavy rain and wind completely washing out 1,400 bridges in Vermont, including one at Spillway Road over Mad River. Immediate replacement was necessary and as the best solution, a 132’ span x 16’ wide Cambridge-style U.S. Bridge® Vehicular Truss Bridge was selected for its ability to meet the engineering requirements and accelerated construction and installation. 

DuroMaxx Pipe Rehabilitates Aged Culvert  Read More

Shahan Prairie

Shahan Prairie Culvert
Denton, Texas - Denton County was looking for a solution to rehabilitate an aged, galvanized 96” diameter corrugated metal culvert that was 50’ in length. Open trench and complete replacement of the old structure was not an ideal option, as the County wanted to avoid road closure given the limited alternative travel routes for commuters. In order to avoid this inconvenience to local residents, the County decided to segmentally slipline the existing culvert with 84” diameter DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) pipe. Not only will this solution allow for an increase in hydraulic performance, but it will also extend the service life by 75+ years.

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