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Water/Wastewater Projects
DuroMaxx and CDS Systems Harvest Rainwater at New Facility  Read More

Yakult Manufacturing

Yakult Manufacturing Rainwater Harvesting
Fountain Valley, California Plans to build the first Yakult probiotic drink manufacturing plant in the U.S. also required the design and construction of a stormwater management system that would meet local Low Impact Development (LID) regulations. As a solution, two rainwater harvesting systems consisting of a CDS® hydrodynamic separator for pretreatment, a DuroMaxx® SRPE cistern and mechanical pumps and controls were selected to capture and reuse runoff from roof tops, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces.

DuroMaxx Rehabilitates Culvert Crossing  Read More

Harlingen Irrigation District

Harlingen Irrigation District Canal Crossing Culvert Repair
Harlingen, Texas - When an existing culvert failed causing an entire irrigation canal to wash out, the Harlingen Irrigation District had to react quickly. Ultimately, they selected Contech's DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) pipe as a solution. Not only is DuroMaxx lightweight, allowing for the use of smaller equipment, but its smaller outer diameter required less trench excavation for a fast installation and its steel reinforced profile could structurally withstand the seventeen foot height of cover.

CON/SPAN and EXPRESS Foundations Meet Rapid Construction Deadlines  Read More

Kalmia Road

Kalmia Road over Rock Creek Tributary
Washington, DC - When a storm caused a partial collapse of the original stream crossing on Kalmia Road, the heavy commuter route needed a replacement quickly. The District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) chose Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques which included the decision to install a 24’ x 10’ precast CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System, 60’ in length. In order to further expedite the installation, the precast bridge units and wingwalls were placed on approximately 205’ of 4’ wide x 4’ thick precast EXPRESS® Foundations. The precast system provided a quick installation, low maintenance and aesthetic look.

Aluminum Box Culverts Replace Stream Crossings on National Forest Lands  Read More

Coal Creek

Coal Creek - Splains Gulch and Kebler Pass Roads
Crested Butte, Colorado - Located on National Forest Lands, two existing corrugated metal pipe structures were deteriorating and close to failing due to beaver activity which often restricted water flow causing the roadways to overtop suddenly in the spring due to snow melt. Due to past use, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) decided that Aluminum Box Culverts (ALBCs) were again the best option. A 12’-5" x 7’-4" ALBC, 40’ in length, was installed on Splains Gulch Road while a 11’-4" x 7’-2" ALBC, 32’-6" in length, was installed on Kebler Wagon Trailhead Road. ALBC’s were selected for ease of installation, unit cost, sizing and function.

CDS and CMP Detention Pretreat and Manage Stormwater Runoff  Read More

Huntington Library

The Huntington Library
San Marino, California - The Huntington Library is a private, nonprofit institution that encourages research and promotes education in the arts, humanities and botanical sciences. During replacement of the current 9,000 square-foot entrance with a new Education and Visitor Center, the Library needed a below ground infiltration system with pretreatment in order to manage runoff from the site. As a solution, water from the roof and other impervious surfaces is conveyed to two CDS® hydrodynamic separators. After treatment, the runoff is directed to a below ground infiltration system made from 310 LF of pipe-arched 71” x 47” 10 GA Aluminized Type 2 perforated pipe. 

BridgeCor Widens Street as a Value Engineering Solution  Read More

NW 25th Street

NW 25th Street from NW 89th Court to SR826 (Palmetto Expressway)
Miami, Florida - The NW 25th Street project involved two major components: the roadway reconstruction and widening of NW 25th Street from the Palmetto Expressway (SR826) to NW 89 Court and the construction of a viaduct. In order to widen NW 25th Street, the best solution presented to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as a Value Engineering proposal was Contech Engineered Solutions’ BridgeCor® structural steel plate. BridgeCor offers nine times the stiffness and three times the strength of standard plate structures and was also substantially less expensive than other options.

BEBO Provides Safe Passage for Wildlife, Reduces Collisions  Read More

Colona Wildlife Underpass

Colona Passing Lanes Wildlife Underpass
Montrose, Colorado - On Highway 550, a wildlife crossing was needed to provide safe passage for migrating wildlife while reducing animal-vehicle collisions in the area. After the Colorado Department of Transportation reviewed various alternatives, they selected a 30’ x 16’-6” BEBO® Bridge Concrete Arch System, 78’ in length as the solution. The size of the structure was carefully selected so that all migrating species could safely travel under the busy highway. The BEBO system provided the opportunity to phase construction in order for one lane of the two-lane traffic to remain open throughout the construction process.

*New* Design Your Own Hydrodynamic Separator Tool  Read More


*New* Stormwater Design Tool
Contech is pleased to announce the release of our newest stormwater design tool – the Design Your Own Hydrodynamic Separator (DYOHDS) tool. DYOHDS™ is an exclusive online design tool to help you quickly prepare designs for estimates/project meetings and be more efficient with your time. Just input your design criteria, and the DYOHDS will select the appropriate HDS unit(s) for your site.

Nestable Corrugated Steel Pipe Encases Utilities  Read More

South Access Road

South Access Road Conveyance Crossing
Round Mountain, Nevada - As part of an expansion effort at Round Mountain, a haul road was needed to construct a new tailings impoundment. At multiple locations, the route crossed over existing steel and HDPE pipelines, which required a bridge or casing to provide a layer of protection from heavy loads and allow easy access to the pipes in case of repair or replacement. Round Mountain selected Nestable Corrugated Steel Pipe to encase the utilities. This solution maintained operation of the service lines, avoided disturbance of the clay liner and was cost-effective.

DuroMaxx Relined Existing Structure for NMDOT  Read More

NMDOT Otero County Reline

NMDOT Otero County Reline
Alamogordo, New Mexico - Near the busy Main Gate of the Holloman Air Force Base, the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) determined that a 19 barrel, concrete box culvert (CBC) drainage structure was structurally deficient and in need of replacement. In order to avoid the expense of shutting down US-70, the NMDOT chose to install DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) liner pipe to reline the existing structure. The cost-effective rehabilitation solution included eighteen 5’ x 5’ culverts and one culvert box by 7’2” x 8’7”. 

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